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"This poignant evocation moves the viewer to appreciate a very special memory."
- Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate and Author of "Night"

"You’ve enriched the world with ‘House of Life.’ Watching it was a sad but ennobling pleasure. It’s one of the most meaningful documentaries I know."
- Walter Reich, Former Director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

"I was mesmerized by the documentary House Of Life: The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague...This film is a revelation, the next best thing to going to Prague and seeing the cemetery itself."
- Baltimore Jewish Times



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Built by angels: The story of the old-new synagogue
by Mark Podwal


"A beautiful, Impressionistic introduction to a portion of Judaic lore and a European architectural marvel."
- Kirkus Review

"I've never seen Prague in such luminous colors... Prague with wings... flying, floating, reaching the sky. The simple fact is that it is a glorious book."
- Peter Sis

"With words of simple wisdom and luminous art... Podwal himself has made the inanimate come to life in a delightful book of meaning and charm."
- Douglas Florian